What is smart house?

It seems that everything around us is becoming intelligent: From smartphones to smart washing machines, refrigerators, smart, intelligent vacuum cleaner … And the next, you will be familiar with “the information intelligent “. What is so smart home?



Smart House or the intelligent system is the home / apartment is installed with modern automatic systems for lighting control, temperature, various communications, cure, curtains, windows and many other elements aimed at helping life to be more convenient and safe. Due towiseGeek, houses seemed to be “intelligent” as the computer systems of it are able to direct many sides of daily life.

Some examples

One of the most common ones for the smart control system is the illumination level of lighting which helps to save energy and suitable for the setting, like setting light for parties. It can be used for requiring curtains, controlling temperature, camera surveillance system, locking the door automatically, avoid the invasion of theft.

Some advances

This kind of house, on the one hand, has some more creative applications, which offers the system control for entertainment at home such as telephone, intercom, irrigation systems…

These functions can be shown by the tools in the house that are linked to each other and lead to a central computer system directing the state and making decisions accordingly.


The story about Smart House

The smart house  has been envisioned in science fiction works for years but it only becomes a reality since the 20th century after the discovery of electricity and widespread rapid progress of information technology, according to Wikipedia.

ABC News US newspaper that the idea of a smart home may sound like something is only available in the US in fiction films. In 1999, the film is titled “Smart House” sketched on the smart home through a joke: A boy of 13 years old won the prize in a contest machine is a “house of the future” with virtual maid PAT (short for Personal Application Technology).

PAT very financial institutions parties and ensure that homes methodical, orderly. But when his father starts dating with people who make house boy PAT reprogrammed so that it works almost like having the care of the mother over. Consequently, his father will not think they need another mother anymore. Since then, everything in the house upside intelligent, causing situations cry smile and boy ended 2 “mother”, a stepmother and one that is a smart house.

Many science fiction films other Hollywood content exploitation of smart home technology that many people may think is impossible.


However, a smart house is a reality so that sooner and sooner it is turning into more sophisticated. To operate all the appliances in a house as well as the electronics, a wireless network are used to let the encrypted signal be sent through to the switch, socket. Especially, it is considered that the automation is very helpful for the olds and for those who are disabilities but would like to live independently.

The usage of modern devices helps the house and the owners to get a lot of ofadvantages–the same with benefits of technology and PC that have offered us so many years – include: convenience, saving time, money and energy.

The ingredients of the smart system include the sensors (for example temperature sensors or light sensors), controllers or servers and many different directive tools. Thanks to the sensor system, the controller, and the host can direct the state inside the house sat to make the decisions to control directive tools properly to make sure the best living space for the users.

Also, with the growth of the personal electronic tools for example the tablets or smart phones and infrastructure increasingly advanced information like the internet or mobile communication networks 3G, 4G, today these Smart home systems also provide the ability to interact with users through personal electronic devices that allow people to monitor and control from anywhere in the house.

There have been attempts to standardize the form of hardware, software, electronics and communication interfaces needed to build smart home system. Some criteria used to add wires touch and control, some transmission of information on existing electrical wiring in homes, some using signals at radio frequencies and some use combined simultaneous transmission of different solutions.

Worldwide, many architects are beginning to consider the intelligent system design and construction of houses. When the system is integrated into the process of building, the cost of installation and maintenance will be reduced and the system is fully implemented, more flexible. However, the house or apartment available and can be modified to integrate the smart home system.

Currently, in the field of intelligent home, the engineers continue to create more innovative more utilities for the house as well as optimizing the deployment of a smart home.


In the future, smart homes may be able to “thinking” to manually adjust the equipment properly and has the ability to communicate with people in the film as fiction.

With the proliferation of information technology security, Internet, along with the cost of the smart home system has decreased with the increasing demands of people; the current smart home is considered a field has developed very large geographical balance. According to ABI Research, in 2012 there were more than 1.5 million smart home systems have been installed in the US and is expected, this figure will raise to 8 million by 2017. In the near future, may hi smart home hope will be a new trend for the life of modern man to save money and have a convenient life.

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