The conveniences of a Smart House

1. Only one button

Usually to control all the devices in the home, you need to switch dozens, even hundreds of big houses with the switch. With intelligent SmartHome, you can control all of a few buttons on the touchscreen of a smartphone or tablet. You can also control and home control via intuitive 3D interface, in which the device is modeled like actual use, simply touch the corresponding device in order to control the screen.


2. Touch to control

The following example helps you visualize any part of the system works: When guests arrive, you just touch the “Reception”, lights brightly lit living room, pull-up blinds, air conditioning cool the deeper drops, decrease music play … usually to do that you have to run across the room and press the switch a lot. It’s convenient to just touch a button on the screen. Another example of when to go to bed, instead of having to pull the blinds, close the door, turn off the power, go to bed groping, simply touch the “Go to sleep” on a phone or tablet, the system will perform to help you these things, and activate security systems, alarm upon detection of intrusions.

3. Beyond comfort

A common scenario, before returning home from work, you simply press the “Home”, will pop heater, ventilation systems, air conditioning will start … so that when you arrive home, all ready to serve. Not just “out of order”, the intelligent system SmartHome actively “serving” employer. Every morning, parted curtains, the sound system tracks your favorite soothing, conditioning temperature increase to help preserve your “lazy” out of bed in the morning.

4. Voice commands

Not only direct control over smartphones, tablets, you can control your home with your own voice. Smart House is equipped SmartHome technology virtual assistant to help communicate with the system to be friendly, not rigid like a conventional control system. It would be a great experience when you order the voice and meet your system.

5. Standard modern home

Most of us are well-known billionaire Bill Gates with a smart home of his world famous. When thinking about your home information, it implied only the world’s top billionaires like Bill Gates can own. However, the intelligent platform SmartHome with today’s advanced technology made smart home become more popular, you also can own.


6. Intelligent Light System

Lighting inside and outside the house is divided into several areas, only those areas in which people new lamp is lit and automatically turns off when no man. Moreover, the lighting system also automatically adjusts the appropriate mode according to the preferences of homeowners, such as when sitting light in bright mode, all lights lit up, from ceiling lights, overhead lights, chandeliers, paintings…

7. Venetian blind control systems

With SmartHome, Venetian blind system besides remote control, opening, and closing mode preset scenarios, the system also allows control system combined with light, sound, multimedia entertainment … follow the desired scenario, suitable for use in situations such as a living reality, watching movies, going to sleep. Smarthome automation still operating under the user’s habits, such as automatic curtain morning pull up, go to bed curtains close automatically, the system needs to differentiate the light of winter, various summer to self-opens dynamically adjusts accordingly. With its intuitive interface controls the 3D, touch screen users can click directly on the Venetian blind to the controller.

8. Safety with smart security system

Security system in the households an important role, protecting the house 24/7, controlling the risk of fire (gas leak, short circuit), with intrusions … This system consists of control devices in the ACS (bell-shaped combination door access control fingerprint, code, magnetic stripe), sensors detect people, the sensor detects broken glass, smoke sensors, IP camera system recording, electronic fence …

9. Environmental Control System

Environment air is a particularly important role on health. Smart home SmartHome is equipped environmental control system with temperature sensors, humidity, oxygen concentration set at appropriate locations throughout the house. The parameters are transferred to the central system to calculate, give commands to the equipment air conditioning, dehumidifiers, ventilation…


10. System Multi-zone audio entertainment

Multi-room Audio System by SmartHome helps different areas in the same one time can play different music sources, depending on each person’s preferences. In each area, the user can choose the music according to their own preferences without affecting those in other areas. The owner of the smart house can choose the playback mode according to the time of day. For example, in the morning, the system automatically detects the light music helps relax the house owner at the start of a new day.

11. Intuitive touch screens with 3D

SmartHome smart home allows you to easily control the house through a visual interface on the smartphone or tablet 3D, where the device is modeled like actual use. Therefore, when the control lever devices in the home, you just click on the device’s screen controls can control. When you want to open the curtains you just click on the curtain on the touchscreen when you want to control Air conditioner click on the image. 3D console SmartHome addition to supporting interactive control devices in the room, it also supports users “migrate” from one room to another as in reality.

12. Contextual intelligence scenarios

An intelligent building system often has a lot of scripts available, this makes you sometimes difficult finding the script to use. With SmartHome, the system only displays the appropriate script with time use or the scripts you use in that time. Examples morning, the touchscreen shows only 4 buttons: Morning Waking Up, Gym, Out of home.

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