FAQs about Smart House (part 2)

7. When a power failure, the system would operate like?

To ensure security – security that works with deployment security monitoring system, we recommend the use of redundant power systems including UPS, generators. When deployed with each project we will consult on specific solutions used in accordance with the landlord needs.

8.Where the central system fails, the whole house will be decommissioned?

In case the central system fails, the system remains operational status of the device. Additionally, the user can control the device via the control panel in the room. This is a difference of SmartHome than other systems available on the market.


I refer to some other smart home solutions and found driver software on the handset is quite complicated and difficult to use. The smart home solution supports click image electrical equipment in the house on the touch screen to control it?

Software control SmartHome system on handheld devices designed according to interior 3D visualization of your reality. Therefore, when the control lever devices in the home, you just click on the device’s screen controls can control. With other solutions available on the market, you cannot do this.

9.In the console, if you click on the TV picture, Venetian blind or other devices, you control it?

SmartHome supports interactive controls for each device. The user can control the device by clicking on the image of the device on the console 3D.

10.3D console SmartHome can move from room to room to control devices such as the fact is it?

3D console SmartHome addition to supporting interactive control devices in the room, but it also enables users to “move” from one room to another as in reality

As an indoor area with intruders are present notification systems on tablet screen it? Have shown compromised area on apartment floor plan it? When clicking on the warning area, the on-screen pop-up with the image in question does not?

Security monitoring system of SmartHome can fully accomplish these things. Example: When strangers have illegally hacked from the balcony, the security monitoring systems will be immediately red flashing warning on screen tablet balcony area on the site plan. When you click on that area, the system will display the camera images in the balcony area. Not only that you can install the detection system alerts you at the different levels of security such as: Turn the lights in areas of intrusion, alarm siren through the house, send a message or call the phone number of the members of the family or other emergency telephone number that you have registered. In addition, the SmartHome solution on the market no solution can meet your needs.


11.Do I want to know the security monitoring system of SmartHome do what?

Security monitoring system of SmartHome will oversee all risk of security and safety can occur in your home through devices such as electronic fences, infrared presence sensor, and sensor open door, glass breakage sensors help detect and warn intruders, security for houses. The smoke sensors, fire sensors, gas leakage sensor … help detect and warn of the risk of fire, ensure the safety of the house. Upon detection of such threats, the system will alert the members of his family under the scenarios and different levels of security through means such as: whistle, light, messaging or calls for members of the family, protection latch or the hotline as police, fire…

12.Do I want to see her home surveillance camera system when away from home, the SmartHome have done it?

Camera surveillance systems can be fully SmartHome remote viewing via devices with an Internet connection. With the SmartHome solution, he wanted to see the camera in any area, you simply touch the area on the map 3D design his house. Also, if there is any problem about the safety and security of the home automation system will also alert and send images to the area that has the problem of his mobile devices, helping you control your home more proactive.

13.I have the specific house was quite far from the entrance, so I need to know to be his guest house was ringing the doorbell before someone opens the door. Smart Home system has done this?

System access control of smart home SmartHome can display images of people on the panel range access control to the wall in the house. Moreover, the system can automatically display images on a mobile device as your portable phone, tablet. Therefore, even you can see who is ringing the doorbell to his house even when you are not at home.

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