FAQs about Smart House (part 1)

1. My house has been completed for a few years, now want to insert the smart home system, you have to carve SmartHome, electric transportation system existing road a lot?

Your house has been completed and is used if you want to install smart home system SmartHome is entirely possible to reuse old power line system without the need to repair or carve away more new power lines. The reason of the SmartHome solution can accomplish this is by using communications technology and ZigBee wireless control. Therefore, the installation should only perform replacement of switches, sockets older drivers with the switches, intelligent socket SmartHome. The deployment of such will remain the architecture and the original design of your home.

2.To deploy the installation of SmartHome should time how long to complete?


Do use communications technology wireless controller should work in progress SmartHome system takes very little time. After you deploy the complete electrical infrastructure, it takes only 1 week – 2 weeks for installation and configuration of the system operation SmartHome.

3.I initially invested intelligent lighting system, then later want to upgrade additional environmental control systems, security surveillance … they have to replace the whole system has not?

If you have installed the Intelligent Light System, the latter SmartHome when required further upgrades to other systems that you do not have to replace the entire device have invested that simply buying more equipment new systems. In addition, the construction and installation of the system upgrade will be very simple and convenient for wiring not new to this system. With other solutions available on the market, to upgrade and expand the system, you almost have to redo the entire wiring and electrical systems.

4.Through research, I have not found much difference between deploying solutions using bus technology and wireless technologies (such as SmartHome) for the deployment of the new homes. So what are the advantages of SmartHome?

Just as you say, the deployment of bus technology or wireless technology to a new building is not much difference. However, during use, the need to upgrade or expand the system is an essential need. Meanwhile, the outstanding advantage of wireless technology is scalable SmartHome and upgrading the system is easy and convenient to promote his investment efficiency. While for solutions using bus technology to accomplish this would be a big problem.

5.I see some intelligent building solutions difficult to use. The smart home solution is easy to use?

SmartHome system very easy to use, SmartHome allows you to easily control the house through a visual interface on the smartphone or tablet 3D, where the device is modeled like actual use. Therefore, when the control lever devices in the home, you just click on the device’s screen controls can control. When you want to open the curtains you just click on the curtain on the touchscreen when you want to control Air conditioner click on the image.


3D console SmartHome addition to supporting interactive control devices in the room, but it also enables users to “move” from one room to another as in reality. Smarthome is the only solution on the market to apply visual control technology on touchscreen 3D smartphone or tablet to control. Meanwhile, for the solution of other firms that control devices are made in the menu interface is hard to search and use, the controller is mostly just on / off. This interface is not suitable for children, the elderly or those who hesitate to use the equipment carefully and accurately.

6. My house has many stories and many rooms. Before going to bed I would have to check each view has not turned off the lights or shut down, this work takes a lot of time. Unknown SmartHome system smart home can help me check the rooms in the house without having to go every room?

When implementing SmartHome system, he just sits there and with the intuitive interface on the handset you can “go” to each room to turn off the devices in the room in his house. Or more simply you can create a script context “Check home” and just choose the scenario is the system will automatically perform the work for which he had to perform daily.

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