Decorate your house in the classic and elegant theme

Do you like to live in an oriental style residential which always upholds the love of family? In the house, members often care about the life of each other to make their life full of warmth and love. From carved lacquer paintings with flamingos to the pillows embroidered the brocade cushion will always be the images remind us of an ancient culture that is full of simplicity.

To help you make these beautiful accessories, some sewing machines for beginners is very effective in consideration. In the interior design, hand embroidery art is widely used often to make their house become more splendid and luxurious.


From those stunning paintings, they help demonstrate the ingenuity through the perfect color combinations.

1. The style and colors

In fact, interior architecture is the intersection of many cultures including Japan, Korea, and Europe countries. Today, it is the successor of the traditional beauty. In addition, many designers tend to combine the quintessence of modern architecture to create a new point for their projects.

In contrast, most oriental interior themes were influenced by Chinese and Japan culture. There are two basic perspectives of different cultures, for example:

  • The Japanese tend to decorate their homes with neutral colors. From those basic elements, they will reflect the harmonious and minimalist sense
  • In contrast, the Chinese still prefers the colors which are bright and colorful. Therefore, they often interest in the lacquer or colorful paintings.
  • The interior themes which is commonly used is black paint or a piece of dark wood. In addition, houses often have oriental background combined with striking colors to add more accents into the room.

2. Furniture

Japanese people often use simple furniture to fulfill many different purposes. For example, sophisticated piston sofa(designed with the thick and stuff cushions) can use for sitting on or spreading on the floor to sleep at nights.


Similarly, a wooden trunk can be used as a desk or locker. Meanwhile, Chinese furniture often features ancient furniture with carved lines or patterns on luxurious silk fabrics.

For some homeowners, the carpet is the first priority when choosing interior furniture. To illustrate, it is suggested that individuals make a harmonious combination between the color, style and material of the rugs. For example, a flower carpet with yellow motifs will be combined with the same tone furniture or an elegant hanging or printed paintings on the walls

3. Door and light

This is the main focus point in decorating the oriental style of your house. By applying those methods, people are more likely to focus on the balancing factor, especially how to align the anchor and light in separated corners.


For example, if your room is filled with decorative motifs on the carpet or furniture, the doors should be designed very simple combined perfectly with the theme and other items inside the house.

A room-style Japan will lean towards simple and consensus design with natural background. For example, the Japanese often makes use of bamboo curtains or wooden blinds. Meanwhile, Chinese people prefer to decorate with lanterns door or embroidered curtains with colorful flowers.

4. Embroidery pillows for decorating

These blankets, pillows or cushions are similar items when your house has the sofa or wooden sat of chairs. They not only help make individuals feel more comfortable when sitting but play as the decorative items in your residential as well.

Many people took advantage of brilliant colors, vivid and beautiful embroidered patterns on the pillow to create a spectacular theme for each corner.

Cleverly chosen and combined pillows in various shapes including rectangular, square and round with colorful pillowcase and color scheme. As a result, these decorative embroidery patterns will form the focal point for each room. In addition, you can also create small angles in different ways.

In the market, the embroidery on pillow currently offers hundreds of styles with modern embroidery techniques to make those embroideries all seems like a picture hanging in the house. For those who have not known, using pillows for decorating can bring lots of benefits including:

  • First, depend on the weather conditions, moods or changed emotions that every homeowner can change the color of the pillowcase
  • Decorate the house with colorful pillows does not dependent on the original theme of your interior design. You can purchase different types of pillow in various color groups


  • In term of weather condition, decorative pillows in moss green, blue or yellow straw tones are more likely to make space seem cooler during the hot seasons
  • On the cold days, you can use strong colors like red, black, brown and purple for increasing the warmth and darkness inside the room.

5. Printed vintage curtains

In previous years, the printed materials which are full of nature motifs had become very popular towards a great number of homeowners in the interior decoration. This fabric is very diverse in terms of both color and texture. To illustrate, they mainly contain flower patterns with various sizes and various species.

Therefore, thanks to these vintage decorative plaques, the indoor space becomes cooler and more quietly. The trend of utilizing your decorations with floral prints has really never gone out of fashion because they are very easy to combine with many decorative styles from classic to modern.


On the other hand, the feminine and simple sense of classic interior design will quickly blow the spirit into the house. It also helps your room becomes full of vitality and energy.

Besides the youthful style with vibrant colors, now the soft colors are also traits of classic furniture themes. Take a deeper look, this style is very suitable for an area such as the kitchen space or office. With those pastel-painted cupboards, they will help making the cooking space becomes romantic, classic but still extremely elegant and refined.

When paying attention to various decorative elements in the house, homeowners can easily make some unique focus points to catch the interest of visitors. These methods above will support you in decorating your own living space.

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