8 automation devices for smart homes

The smart device allows you to monitor the safety of the house, open to friends in temporary even if you are outsides and let the smart tools turn on

Nest Thermostatimage001

This is a tool that is able to adjust itself and operating temperature as a smart air conditioner in the house. Nest Thermostat users the Wi-Fi wireless network to let you connect with and direct even when you are outsides. Firstly, let’s get started using this tool, you can simply use the toggle to turn on the air conditioner function or turn off automatic schedule. After that, you are able to use the temperature adjusted up or down accordingly. Nest Thermostat can also learn your habits, so the device can use the motion sensor to automatically adjust the temperature.


Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Honeywell Thermostat Lyric similar function Nest Thermostat, but instead rely on motion detectors, Lyric Thermostat Geofencing technology used to detect the user’s movements occurred in the preset area. That way, the device will need to know when to turn electrical devices automatically. For example, if you’re on the way home, Lyric Thermostat knows it and will automatically turn on air conditioning to cool the indoor air. Lyric of Honeywell Thermostat can control the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Also, the device can recognize the current weather information, temperature inside and outside, the moisture before adjusting the temperature perfect for your home.


Sentries not just a temperature monitoring utility that can be used as a system to enhance security surveillance for your home. The device has a 360-degree viewing angle camera has built-in that allows you to monitor your home remotely. You can also make video calls through Sentry applications on smartphones. Sentry is a less costly solution than a traditional security system, while not required to take steps to install a professional service that can begin to use immediately when the “can opener”.



Canary is a simple security system, suitable for those who want to monitor their homes remotely. The equipment will help protect your home by providing warnings whenever intrusion. Canary integrated cameras to monitor the environment around your house, sensors monitor the humidity and air quality with chasing burglar alarms. Canary is considered smart own way thanks to being able to get acquainted with the routines of the user. Tools can understand when you are insides the home and not sent to alert you when the door is opened then.


Goji is a digital lock for your home, not only smart but also have beautiful designs. Active devices connected via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Goji can send pictures of the visitors at the door, allowing remote activation feature allows temporary whoever entered the house even when you are not there. By using the electronic key, Goji can lock or unlock your door. You can also use Goji to record all activities unlock. In a case of a power outage, you can lock and unlock the door as usual, but will not get updated until the power comes back.


When you are using too many devices in home automation, open the application matching devices can be difficult and counterproductive. That’s when you need to become equipment Revolv automation center for your smart home (6). To Revolve may start working correctly, simply place the device in the center of the home, connected to a local Wi-Fi network and then let it scan for other automated devices. Even if Revolv cannot locate them, you can add through individual applications.



Homey allows you to control all connected devices with application intelligence Homey or voice commands. In addition to ZigBee and Bluetooth 4.0 protocol, Homey support all total of 8 radio module. With Homey, you can go around their home, request equipment in the living room lights, close the blinds, and choose a movie you want to see more and more tasks. All these settings will, of course, have to be preconfigured but you will never need to look for the remote control of household electrical appliances in their homes again.

Tado Cooling

Instead of the old air conditioner with a new form of energy saving more, how about making it become smarter with Tado Cooling. Taco is able to be set up quickly and offer the regulative temperature in space in a suitable manner. For instance, every day you wake up or just come home after a hard working day, the tool will consider the appropriate temperature for you and even do it while you are sleeping. To will consider the room temperature due to your activities so that you need not use your hands, and of course in the process of operation, Tado will help you save money by using less energy.

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